IT Security for Vehicles Conference – Why IBM?

IBM will discuss challenges to the automotive IT security at the international IT Security for Vehicles conference organized by the Association of German Engineers.

What do you think about IBM?

You may know IBM for IT products across industries, hardware for data centers, software like Middleware, Analytics, Information Management, Development tools, Systems Management, …, and that IBM is building IT solutions based on enterprise systems.

But do you know that the IBM era of now is defined by three shifts?

  1. Data is becoming the world’s new natural resource, transforming industries and professions.
    IBM Point of View: Data is the new basis of competitive advantage.
  2. The emergence of cloud is transforming IT and business processes into digital services.
    IBM Point of View:  Cloud is the path to new business models.
  3. Mobile and social are transforming individual engagement – creating expectations of security, trust and value in return 
 for personal information.
    IBM Point of View:  A systematic approach to engagement is now required.

What IBM is making of this moment:

  • Transforming industries and professions with data.
  • Remaking enterprise IT for the era of cloud.
  • Reimagining work through mobile and social technologies.
  • Rethinking the challenge of security.
  • Creating new infrastructure for a new era.

The IBM Secure Engineering Framework is providing a set of essential IT development practices which can be adapted for the automotive industry.

But the entire lifecycle process of a connected vehicle is much broader than the traditional product creation process. A different security model is needed where the vehicle is an integral part of the customer’s personalized network.

IBM created a model of the Internet of Things that is useful for understanding the security threats at various data flow and control transition points. The target is a unified security model for anomaly detection across a range of threats and attack vectors leveraging the existing Security Operation Centers. A special case is the automated vehicle which require IT security to ensure a reliable system. The presentation summarized an IBM security model.

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