Can I Trust My Adapting Service Robot?

Spaces, places, and devices are getting more and more intelligent to personally assist you as you move through your life.

How comfortable are you when your surroundings are more intelligent than you? Should your personal assistant predict and act on anything before you may think about it?

Twenty years ago – in a smartphone-free world – driving was about horsepower, style and comfort when you said you loved your car. Mostly “to have” it. In twenty years, the majority of motions will happen in a kind of autonomous vehicles that will integrate many contextual services. These intelligent vehicles will be service robots adapting to any shape you will imagine. But what shape and how much intelligence will you allow your personal assistant such that you will again love and entrust using it with your life? Will that love prefer “being” to “having”?

Clearly, the automotive manufactures are facing the market shift from an organizational-centered to an individual-centered economy. More drastically, manufacturers will not survive the next twenty years if their integration competency will stay on designing the body without value-adding brain inspired systems. Technologies around Artificial Intelligence to mimic human intelligence evolved fast in the last years. The software-defined lifecycle of these technologies is so fast such that all these intelligence capabilities cannot be just attached to a safe and reliable hardware-defined vehicle. The market will not wait for these manufacturers. Developer ecosystems to quickly integrate various cognitive services in devices, spaces and physical objects are already happening independently from the automotive industry.

Assuming we soon will see these Intelligent Personal Assistants on the level of an autoMOBILE and not just as part of a smartphone device. These personalized Cognitive Systems will not only provide insights and enable decision makers to act with confidence. These systems will provide full transparency and a unique personal ledger where all kind of data, preferences, and the software bill of materials of the service robot are securely managed in Blockchain that result in the journey of the Cognitive autoMOBILE Life:

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